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China Electricity Power Rationing Notice

This is a memo published by our supplier regarding the purchase price adjustment:

Dear Respected O/S Customers & Distributors.,

We just got a shocking news in last weekend (25-26 September 2021) that will serious impacts our current e-cap production output immediately.

To reduce the overall carbon dioxide emission, The Chinese government just announced the latest electricity power rationing policy.

Many factories are already being shut down or reduce the working days per week in order to obey this new regulation, especially for those located in Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces.

Sorry to say that our Huizhou factory and foil supplier Liton are already affected by this.

Liton is now only allowed to have one production day per week and this makes our foil supplier even worse.

Therefore, sorry to say all Lelon previous committed deliveries to our customers would be all delayed because of this unexpected event.

Please inform all customers about this and encourage them to place more order ASAP, because we don’t think the overall LT will be reduced back to normal before Q3, 2022.