NEO-7M-C GPS Module

The Waveshare NEO-7M-C (B) GPS Module provides location, heading, and speed data for your microcontroller projects, sporting flexible features in a compact package.

It comes with a high-gain active antenna, but also includes an IPX interface for connecting a different active antenna of your choosing. A rechargeable backup battery will hold data when powered down, but perhaps more importantly it supports hot starts for a fast satellite lock time.

A 5-wire cable with a SIP socket on one end and individual sockets on the other makes it easy to connect the Waveshare NEO-7M-C GPS Module to your project in many different configurations. Or, simply plug the module’s SIP header into a standard breadboard.

Code: 28511

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  • 5-pin SIP module with cable is easy to use in breadboard or through-hole projects
  • Ready for use with both 3.3 V and 5 V microcontrollers
  • Satellite-lock LED shows when data is valid
  • Onboard battery provides a fast warm-start response
  • Code support in Blockly, PBASIC (BS2p), Propeller Spin, and Propeller C

Application Ideas

  • Robo-Magellan projects
  • Fleet tracking
  • Heading and speed measurements