World of Electronics and Cyber Consultancy

Our Services

Our main service is importing the finest global markets and sell them to our clients. We own many commercial agencies in the field of Electronics: CommonWealth, Lelon, PIHER, LIEAN, SONG CHUAN PRECISION … and we have strong connections with many global providers for special requests.

We also provide consulting services in the field of electronics, electricity and Information Security. Well, between work and family, you barely have time to secure yourself against possible attacks or frauds, don’t worry we got you covered by our “Personal Information Security” service.

Projects in each semester can be a huge load on students. Between other courses and work, your project could slow your progress to get your degree… now that’s where we help you, we can be your second supervisor. Having to do all the work alone sucks, but with us, you’ll benefit from our experience and learn all the details about your project and get extra experience for your own career.