Famatel 2519/3 Terminal strip of 6 Cable of 3 m | up to 3680W | 16A | 250V | Child Protection | Orientation Shots at 45o | Avoid Phantom Consumption | White


  • GREAT VERSATILITY: This extension cord has 6 grounded sockets with child lock. You can charge mobile phones, iPads, tablets and other devices simultaneously. Convenient to carry, suitable for home, bedroom, office, travel, etc.
  • PLUGS PLACED AT 45º: With plugs placed at an angle of 45°, avoiding interference between the sockets.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This product has a system of holes isolated from the active parts that allows the end user to fix the outlet on any surface.
  • GREAT EASE OF USE: Ideal for everyday use, practical and compact indoors.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: We suggest taking the necessary precautions to install this product in your home. If you do not know how to install it, we advise you to contact a certified electrician.

Code: 2518