RS PRO Solder Sucker – 190 mm Length


The RS Pro Solder Sucker de-soldering gun is a standard model hand operated tool. The solder sucker is a professional and quality tool used to cleanly remove solder plus providing joint dis-assembly. To assist you in removing solder the solder sucker picks up the debris by sucking it up via a spring-loaded piston, released by a push button and re-primed by a plunger. Extraction springs are located outside the vacuum chamber and this helps to prevent the solder sticking and prolongs the life of the solder sucker. This RS PRO model has a PTFE nozzle and the main body of the desoldering gun is made from aluminium.

Code: 479-4197

• Solder sucker, desoldering gun.
• Standard model.
• Hand operated.
• Provides efficient solder removal and joint dis-assembly.
• Fast sucking action via the spring loaded piston.
• Extraction springs are outside of the vacuum chamber.
• Prevents solder sticking.
• PTFE Micro Nozzle (polytetrafluoroethylene)
• Main body made from aluminium.


What is PTFE?


• Insulates.
• Resistant to wear.
• Less friction.
• Used with high temperatures.
• Chemically resistant.


PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene. A very stable material used in various industries and applications. A stable and hard wearing material.


How to use a Solder Sucker De-soldering Gun Pump.


• Heat up the solder to be removed with your soldering iron.
• Press the plunger of the solder sucker.
• Place to desoldering pump against the solder to be removed.
• The piston will then suck up the solder to be removed.
• Repeat all of the above as many times as required.
• When finished remove and dispose of the waste solder from the pump.


Solder Sucker De-soldering Gun Dimensions.


• Length 190 mm.
• Barrel diameter 20 mm.
• Nozzle length 20 mm.
• Tip outside dimeter 3 mm.
• Tip inside diameter 1.5 mm.
• Weight 56 g.


Safety Warning.


• This Solder sucker desoldering gun should not be used on LIVE electrical circuits, it provides no protection from electric shock.
• Always protects your eyes when using the desoldering gun with industry approved eye protection to standards CE, OHSA and ANSI.