90V – 270V 4 Channel 433Mhz Wireless Remote Control Switch for Home Automation


1) Support WIFI network. (Attention: The switch module must keep connect with wifi service.)

2) Support three working modes: self-lock, inter-lock and momentary control.

3) Support Max 8 timing tasks for each added device.

4) Support status tracking, home appliances status timely feedback to your App.

5 )Support 433mhz RF remote transmitter control.(Can learn most 433.92mhz transmitter, like chip 2260,2262,2264,1527. Allow 16 different transmitters to control )



Product Specification:

1) Input voltage:  AC 60-270V

2) Output voltage: AC 60-270V

3) Maximum load: 10A

4) Working temperature: 0-60 centigrade

5) IN+ connect with Live wire; IN- connect with Null wire;

6) Control method: WIFI +RF + Manual Button Control

7 ) Channels: 4 Way

8) Switch size: 100*80*28mm

9) Active output, when you supply 220V power, the output will be 220V also.

10) Support system: Android/IOS


How to connect phone with switch?

1) Download and install the software of “eWeLink” from APP store or Google play store.

2) Follow “eWeLink” instructions to register an account on it.

3) Log in your account of “eWeLink”.

4) Press any manual control button (S1,S2,S3,S4) for 5 seconds until you see the   D2   light flash quickly, then release it. Now add device on mobile phone by eWeLink APP according its introduction.

5) Now you can use your phone to control the switch under 2G/3G/4G signal.

6) You can name your own device and control it only by yourself.

7) You can also share your device with your family or friends.


How to learn 433Mhz transmitter?

1) Press “learning button” until you see LED flash 1 time, release button, then CH1 learn.

2) Press “learning button” until you see LED flash 2 times, release button, then CH2 learn.

3) Press “learning button” until you see LED flash 3 times, release button, then CH3 learn.

4) Press “learning button” until you see LED flash 4 times, release button, then CH4 learn.

​After learn 433mhz signal, you still can’t use your remote to control it. Follow below steps.

Step 1: Cut off power supply;

Step 2: Keep pressing “learning button”;

Step 3: Supply power;

Step 4: The LED flash 3 times then release button.   OK!


How to clear 433mhz signal?

Step 1: Keep pressing the “learning button” ;
Step 2: Supply power to switch;
Step 3: The LED light will flash 4 times slowly.
Step 4: Release the “learning button”. OK.


How to set working mode?

Supply AC 60-270V power to the relay.

1) Press mode button until you see D3 flash 3 times, release button, now it is self-lock.

2) Press mode button until you see D3 flash 2 times, release button, now it is inter-lock.

3) Press mode button until you see D3 flash 1 time, release button, now it is momentary.


What is the difference between working mode?

1) Self-lock: Press remote button A , receiver CH1 ON. press button A again, then receiver CH1 OFF

2) Inter-lock: Press remote button A , receiver CH1 ON, and receiver CH2,CH3,CH4 OFF.

3) Momentary: Press remote button A, receiver CH1 ON. After 1 seconds,  receiver CH1 OFF