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My device is displaying “C.B.Electronics 01483031” and it’s not giving the Block number & Bitcoin Price

When the WiFi is missing or the name/password are different, your bitcoin block-clock can’t connect to your router. This is why it get stuck in this mode.


One of my wires is disconnected, how can I connect it again?

Our device has very simple connections, only 4 wires connected as follow:

SCL (LCD Pin) ->  D1 (NodeMCU)

SDA (LCD Pin) -> D2 (NodeMCU)

Vcc (LCD Pin) -> Vin (NodeMCU)

GND (LCD Pin) -> GND (NodeMCU)

Please note: Before reconnecting the wires, turn off the device for safety. Make sure that the 4 wires are connected as mentioned and then power on your device.

My LCD suddenly is displaying black squares on the first line, how do I fix it?

This is a sign that one of the wires is disconnected, please turn off the device and make sure all your wires are connected again!

Sometimes the device seems to restart, it suddenly go back the initial mode and start updating phase again, why?


This is due to the internet connection, if this happens a lot, try to turn off the device, turn off your router for 30 seconds then turn on your router, wait for 2 mins and then turn on your block-clock (your device).


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