YIHUA-08B Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner With Brass Wire Sponge No Water Needed High Rosin Flux Tools


It has copper steel wire clean ball and rosin, good for cleaning tips.

The clean ball use high quality copper, was good at clear tin , don’t touch tin and is valid clear the iron tips oxidation.The product main advantage was protect of the iron tips didn’t blacken ,the black iron tips will be bright after clear, it makes the iron tips use longer ,copper clean ball don’t need to use water clean, it didn’t down the temperature of solder tips  ,replace of the sponge, is the lead-free solder tips using a good helper, the soldering iron tips cleaner  cleaning effect better than traditional clear sponge . Since it does not contain water, cleaning the tip to maintain tip without loss of heat, it does not cause thermal shock, thereby reducing the loss of the tip.


YH-08B soldering iron tip cleaner contain high quality rosin , good for the circuit board soldering .it can rid the iron tips oxidationoxidation oxidation film ,to avoid oxidation and reduce surface tension of the little iron tips.    The iron tips or the components surface have oxidation ,is hard to use tin and soldering .use the iron touch the rosin can quikly rid the oxidation,make the element become easy soldering.the rosin is scaling powder, can help soldering