Contact Arrangement 1 Form C
Operating Function Single side stable type
Rated Operating Power Type High sensitivity type
Rated Operating Power 200mW
Coil Voltage 24V DC

Code: DS1E-S-DC24V

Protective Construction Sealed Type
Terminal Type Standard PC board terminal
Contact Material Ag+Au clad
Pick-Up Voltage 80%V or less of nominal voltage (Initial)
Input side: Drop-out Voltage 10%V or more of nominal voltage (Initial)
Nominal Switching Capacity (Resistive Load) 2A 30V DC
Max. Switching Current 3A
Min. Switching Capacity 10µA 10mV DC
Breakdown Voltage (Initial) : Between Open Contacts 500 Vrms for 1min. (Detection current: 10mA.)
Breakdown Voltage (Initial) : Between Contact And Coil 1,000 Vrms for 1min. (Detection current: 10mA.)
Expected Life: Mechanical Min. 108 (at 600 cpm)
Expected Life: Electrical Min. 5×105 rated load (at 60 cpm)
Conditions Ambient temperature: –40 to +70°C –40 to +158°F
Humidity: 5 to 85% R.H. (Not freezing and condensing at low temperature)
Height (mm) 9.9
Weight (Typ.) Approx. 3 g .11 oz