ABRO EC-533 Electronic Contact Cleaner for Circuits – Computer – Mobile & Extension Board Cleaning


  • ELECTRONIC COMPONENT CLEANSER: ABRO Electronic Contact Cleaner cleans oil, grease, dirt, condensation and moisture from circuit boards, electrical contacts, switches, precision instruments and more.
  • RESIDUE-FREE FORMULA: The offered contact cleaner is a residue-free formulation to prevent degradation of electrical signal, safe for a wide variety of plastics, boards and metal surfaces.
  • GET INTERRUPTION-FREE SIGNAL: By restoring full circuit continuity, our offered contact cleaner improves the performance of all equipment that relies on electrical contacts.
  • SAFE PENETRATE & CORROSION: This lubricant helps prevent electrical malfunctions and restores damaged equipment caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation and corrosion.
  • PROTECTS BATTERY TERMINALS: It rejuvenates battery contacts on all battery-powered equipment including toys, remote controls, radios, TVs, cell phones, cameras, and more.

Code: EC-533

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