LM2596 Module

LM2596 DC to DC step down regulator, adjustable +1.23 to 35vdc output, 2A.  Ideal for battery operated projects requiring a regulated power supply.


Regulator Type: Step Down (Non Isolated input to Output)

Input Voltage: +4V to 40V DC

Output Voltage: +1.25V to 35V DC

Output Current: 2A Rated (3A Maximum with Heat Sink)

Switching Frequency: 150KHz

Efficiency: Up to 92% (When output voltage is set high)

Dropout Voltage: 2V DC Minimum

Load Regulation: +/- 0.5%

Voltage Regulation: +/- 0.25%

Working Temperature: -40 to 85 deg C (Output power less then 10W)

Dimensions: 43.6mm L x 21mm W x 14mm H