Sanwa PC5000A Digital Multimeter, HIGH ACCURACY, HIGH RESOLUTION and True RMS

■4-4 / 5 digits 50000 count
(Selectable 5-4 / 5 digits 500000 count for DCV & Hz)
■0.03% best accuracy
■AC / AC + DC True RMS
■Fast speed bar graph
■Capacitance measurement (5000 count)

※Not suitable for measurement of condensers with large leak current.
■4-20mA% measurement
■dBm 20 selectable reference impedance
■Line frequency (AC sine wave) measurement
■Logic frequency measurement
■Duty cycle measurement
■Capture (peak hold) 0.8ms in duration
■MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN recording mode
■Peak hold
■Data hold, Range hold
■Relative value
■Auto power off (17min.) (cancelable)
■Alarm for improper test lead insertion to current  terminal
■Protective holster with wall hanger and lead holder
■Tilt stand
■Optical link RS232C / USB interface (optional)
Display : numeral display 50000 & 500000 selectable Bar graph 52 segments
Sampling rate : 5 times / secfor 50000 count numeral display , 1.25 times / secfor 500000 count numeral display 60 times /secfor bar graph
AC frequency
bandwidth : V : 45Hz〜1kHz, 1kHz〜20kHz (below 500V),
A : 40Hz〜1kHz
Battery life : Approx. 120h (alkaline battery) at DCV range





·          DMM Type: Handheld

·          Voltage Measuring Range DC: 500mV to 1kV

·          Voltage Measuring Range AC: 500mV to 1kV

·          Current Measuring Range DC: 500µA to 10A

·          Current Measuring Range AC: 500µA to 10A

·          Resistance Measuring Range: 500ohm to 50Mohm

·          Frequency Measuring Range: 5Hz to 200kHz

·          Capacitance Measuring Range: 50nF to 9.999mF

·          No. of Digits / Alpha: 6

·          DMM Response Type: True RMS

·          DMM Functions: AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Capacitance, Frequency, Resistance

·          Ranging: Auto

·          Display Count: 500000

·          Current Range AC: 500µA to 10A

·          Current Range DC: 500µA to 10A

·          DC Voltage Range Accuracy1: 0.03%

·          Duty Cycle (%): 99%

·          Interface Type: RS232 (USB opt.)

·          Operating Current AC: 10A

·          Operating Current DC: 10A

·          Supply Voltage V DC: 9V

·          Voltage Rating V AC: 1000V

·          Voltage Rating V DC: 1000V

·          Weight: 430g