RHRP15120 ON Semi 1200V 15A, Silicon Junction Diode, 2-Pin TO-220AC


The RHRP15120 is a ’hyper-fast’ diode. It has half the recovery time of a typical ’ultra-fast’ diode. Because of the hyper-fast recovery time, this allows minimal ringing and electrical noise in many power switching circuits. Ultimately this reduces power loss in switching transistors.

• Hyper-fast recovery
• Minimises power loss in switching transistors
• 1200V Reverse voltage
• Great reliability


• Switching power supplies
• Power switching circuits
• General purpose use
• End result – Servers and workstations



Attribute Value
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package Type TO-220AC
Maximum Continuous Forward Current 15A
Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage 1200V
Diode Configuration Single
Rectifier Type Switching
Diode Type Silicon Junction
Pin Count 2
Maximum Forward Voltage Drop 3.2V
Number of Elements per Chip 1
Diode Technology Silicon Junction
Peak Reverse Recovery Time 75ns
Peak Non-Repetitive Forward Surge Current 200A