UV Sensor Module

1. Operating Voltage: DC 3.3 / 5V
2. Output voltage: DC 0-1V (corresponding to the UV index 0-10)
3. Test accuracy: ± 1UV INDEX
4. Current: 0.06mA (typ), 0.1mA (max).
5. Response wavelength: 200nm-370nm
6. Work temperature: -20 Celsius ~ 85 Celsius
7. Detect UV wavelength: 200-370nm
8. Size: 19.80 * 15mm



VCC- for the positive power supply input, connection voltage of 3.3V-5V

GND-GND negative power supply input

OUT-OUT analog signal output, link the MCU I / O port


Designed for high reliability and accuracy of measurement UV Index (UVI) designed occasion;

Suitable for measuring the total amount of solar ultraviolet intensity;

Control World Health Organization classification standard UV Index

UV detection wavelength: 200-370nm;

Fast response, full interchangeability;

Voltage and UV intensity table: