Non-Flush Type PNP IP67

Capacitive Proximity Switch Sensors

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Working principle of capacitance proximity switch

The induction surface of capacitance sensor is composed of two coaxial mental electctrodes, which from a capacitor and connected on RC oscillation circuit, just like an open capacitor electrode.
When connecting to power supply, RC oscillator does not work. When an object is clos eto capacitorelectrode, the capacitor capacity will increase, and the oscillator will vibrate. Through the treatment of behind stage circuit, both signals of stop oscillation and oscillation will be converted to switch signs for checking the existence of object. this distance can be obtained, but to nonmetal object, the action distance is d etermined by material dielectric constant, the more dielectric constant, the more action distance will be obtained.


Technical Specifications

Flush Detection distance 0-10mm
DC6-36V NPN NO CM30-3010NA
NC CM30-3010NB
NO+NC CM30-3010NC
PNP NO CM30-3010PA
NC CM30-3010PB
NO+NC CM30-3010PC
AC90-250V SRC Control label silicon NO CM30-2010A
NC CM30-2010B
     Non-flush Detection distance 0-15mm
DC6-36V NPN NO CM30-3015NA
NC CM30-3015NB
NO+NC CM30-3015NC
PNP NO CM30-3015PA
NC CM30-3015PB
NO+NC CM30-3015PC
AC90-250V SRC Control label silicon NO CM30-3015A
NC CM30-2015B
Control output DC 200mA
SCR/Relay 300mA
Detect object conductor and dielectric body
Consumption current DC<15mA AC<10mA
Output current DC:200mA   AC:300mA
Output voltage drop DC<3V  AC<7V
Response frequency DC:50HZ  AC:10HZ
Shell material Resin/Metal
Working environment temperature below 25C to 70C
Insulation resistance 50MΩ
Shell meterial Metal
Protection grade IEC standard IP67