Graphic WinStar LCD display (122×32, Transflective, positive FSTN, white background, black content)

Resolution 122×32
Backlight Color white
Background Color white
Content color black
Viewing Direction 6:00

Code: WG12232A

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Module Type COB – Chip on Board
LCD Type FSTN Positive
Polarizer Type transflective
Interface parallel 8-bit
Controller SBN1661G
Active Area 53.64×15.64
Outline Dimensions 84.0×44.0x13.7
Operating temp. (°C) -20~70
Storage temp. (°C) -30~80
Special inbuilt voltage generator
Producer Winstar

Graphic LCD display module, COB type (Chip On Board) WG12232A-TFH-V#A from Winstar Co. with 122×32 resolution, white background color and black content. LCD matrix is a positive FSTN with transflective polarizer. The display allows the use of 8-bit interface. The module has SBN1661G controller, inbuilt voltage generator.