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EOL Announcement For 85d C Radial DIP type E-Caps


1. The production of REA/RLA Capacitors from Lelon will end in 2022.

2. RGA series will be the main replacement for REA

3. Kindly note that REA is a 85 Celsius radial capacitor and RGA is 105 Celsius radial capacitor.

This is a memo published by our supplier:

Owing to the reasons of the followings:

  1. 85d C E-Caps Demands from Marketing for over x 40 months tracing, concluded as
    Less 1% of our Overall Q’ty produced
  2. All the Parts can be easily replaced by SMD (V-Chip) or MLCC as well
  3. In the worst case, the Alternative is stand-by : that is our 105d C Type is available
  4. All Parameters & Size are the same, EVEN The Selling Price, too. Except the TC’s is
    much better as 105dC instead of 85dC


85dC on supply & running type (REA, RLA (w/low LC) to be EOL for Replaced by 105dC type (RGA, RA(w/low LC)

EOL Plan will be scheduled on below:

aa. the Last buy Order……………………… before end of 2022
bb. the Last Delivery Ex Fty………………. before end of Jul. 2023
cc. in the worst case lasting for Supply till End of 2023, (No more from 2024/1/1)
May it have NO any Difficulty on execution of 85dC DIP E-Caps EOL Program