Current Sensor: 5A – 5mA – HYCT-406 5A/5MA

Rated Power Current: 5A – Maximum Current: 20A

Rated Secondary Current: 5mA

Rated Sampling Voltage: 100mV

Load Resistance: 20E

Accuracy Class: 0.2

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-Completely-enclosed, good mechanical behavior, suitable environments, strong voltage, isolation ability, delicate appearance;

– The secondary lead wire is pin format, which can be directly welded on a PCB;

– The primary lead wire could be pin, soft wire as well as tin-plated copper-core wire;

– Linear output current, high precision;

– Small volume, light weight, easy for installation;

– Encapsulated with epoxy resin to ensure strong insulation ability;

– PBT anti-combustion plastic casing.